First observe of how many Notes compass the Tune is. Next, the place of your first Note; and how many Notes above & below that: so as you may begin the Tune of your first Note as the rest may be sung in the compass of your and the peoples voices, without Squeaking above, or Grumbling below.

September scheduling, also last of August 2018

This week’s Wednesday singing (that’s August 29) will be at Church of the Ascension on Fifth Avenue instead of St. John’s on Christopher Street. There won’t be a First Weekend singing because between the singers who are going to the Maidencreek Singing and those who are simply away for Labor Day weekend, there’s not really a customer base.

Second Sunday in Brooklyn as usual; should we do something special in preparation for:

NEW YORK CITY ALL-DAY SINGING 2018 on Saturday, September 15, at First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn Heights? Plan your Dinner on the Grounds contribution now.

Third Sunday immediately after the All-Day will take the form of a Christian Harmony singing, also at First Presbyterian.

Und so weiter.



Blame Shakespeare, not politics. Second Sunday in Brooklyn is on, though, Nov. 13.

Weds singings STAY IN GREENWICH VILLAGE this summer, 2016

There’s an old post that may be confusing people. We’re staying at St. John’s, Christopher Street, through the summer, not moving to St Peter’s, Chelsea (we use that air-conditioned room).

February 2016 singings, rawther late


kinda creepy cupid

Okay, First Sunday’s come and gone; I got in about forty minutes after my chorus’ performance in Brooklyn. Second Sunday Brooklyn will be a Valentine’s Day Singing, so I figure an appropriate follow-on will be chocolate fondue and other sweets. Aldo said something a couple of weeks ago about Third Sundays moving to Middle Collegiate for a while, but I believe that’s planned for spring or summer, so expect the UES singing to go forward at Ch. of the Epiphany as usual on Feb. 21. Melissa will be organizing the Christian Harmony session on Saturday before Fourth Sunday, February 27, but I expect some of us (including me) will be at the Catskills All Day Singing in Phoenicia, New York. I had a chance to sing with Chair Julia Reichel at Keystone and was vividly impressed by her spirit and energy.

Meanwhile, mini singing schools continue on Wednesday nights. Feb. 10 will see a mini-All Day to explore convention etiquette and song choice. Should be fun (though will be fun sans moi as I’ll be at a concert).

New York City shapenote singing schedule, December UPDATED2015

ALERT: We will NOT sing at St. John’s this evening, Wednesday, December 23. A drinking-and-singing gathering at McSorley’s on East Seventh Street will take place instead at 7:00.

So far as I know, we’ll sing every Wednesday night through the month; on Dec. 2 we’ll be at St Peter’s, Chelsea (20th Street between 8th & 9th) instead of St. John’s. I’ll update if there are any changes.

Saturday, Dec. 5, is the Lehigh Valley All-Day Singing, at the UU Church in Bethlehem, PA, with a social at Hunter Hill Farm (and I trust a baby-viewing and -worshipping session). Our First Sunday singing follows on Dec. 6 at Jimmy’s No. 43. Second Sunday in Brooklyn should be vigorous, with the lure of latke party at my house following (what? It’s Hanukkah!).  Third Sunday at Ch.of the Epiphany as usual. No Christian Harmony this month, as it falls on the Christmas holiday weekend. Keep your ears and eyes open for house singing opportunities.

Midweek singing receives an injection of Alabama soul, April 15

Elene Stovall, lively personality and super singer with lots of knowledge from Alabama, will be visiting the Midweek singing at St. John’s this Wednesday, April 15, at 7:00.  Celebrate Tax Day by buying Elene a drink with your refund — the stories will be worth it.

Midweek singing and workshop, February 11

Midweek Sacred Harp singing at St. John’s Lutheran this week will include a workshop on “leading — and following — and singing more together as a class,” with review of last week’s (effective!) session on accent.  St John’s, Christopher Street, 7 to 9:30.  Details are here.