First observe of how many Notes compass the Tune is. Next, the place of your first Note; and how many Notes above & below that: so as you may begin the Tune of your first Note as the rest may be sung in the compass of your and the peoples voices, without Squeaking above, or Grumbling below.

Brooklyn singing 9/9/18 and NYCADS ’18 9/15/18

We sing tomorrow at St. Paul’s Carroll Gardens from the tricolore of books, red, blue, and straw.  Please note that the 4 train, the East Side IRT, will NOT be running into Brooklyn, while the A will be taking the F tracks between West 4th and Jay Street and the G running only on its southern section between Bedford-Nostrand and Church Avenue. In place of the 4, take the 2 or 3 to Borough Hall. The F and G both stop as usual at Carroll St.

A couple of special things: I’ll be there at 1:30 to answer newbies’ (or any) questions in preparation for the All-Day. If any experienced singers want to join me, you are welcome — I don’t know if we will have any takers, though. Regular singing starts at 2:00 as usual.

Also: At the end of the singing I’m going to ask for volunteers planning to attend next weekend’s All-Day Singing to carry three or four loaners to the All-Day, recover them, and bring them back to Brooklyn (or to a Wednesday singing where I can pick them up from you). Tote bags will be provided, and thanks in advance for the assistance. After that, apples and honey at my house, and the possibility of a walk down to Red Hook for Pioneer Workshops and Tanker Time on the Mary Whalen. 

And of course, plan to attend the All-Day Singing next Saturday, September 15, at First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn Heights, at 124 Henry Street just south of Clark Street.

See you tomorrow, I hope.


September scheduling, also last of August 2018

This week’s Wednesday singing (that’s August 29) will be at Church of the Ascension on Fifth Avenue instead of St. John’s on Christopher Street. There won’t be a First Weekend singing because between the singers who are going to the Maidencreek Singing and those who are simply away for Labor Day weekend, there’s not really a customer base.

Second Sunday in Brooklyn as usual; should we do something special in preparation for:

NEW YORK CITY ALL-DAY SINGING 2018 on Saturday, September 15, at First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn Heights? Plan your Dinner on the Grounds contribution now.

Third Sunday immediately after the All-Day will take the form of a Christian Harmony singing, also at First Presbyterian.

Und so weiter.

Plan ahead.

August’s Brooklyn singing (Second Sunday, that’s August 12) will be followed by ice cream social unless weather prevents — that is, if my apartment is not TOO hot. Hot, okay, just not TOO hot. I’ll have some fairly basic flavors and many things to put under, in, and over them. Also wine, cider, beer, probably a specialty drink (there’s something with watermelon juice and elderflower liqueur that sounds intriguing) and Coke. Someone, please drink this Coke.

September’s BK singing (9/9) is the last monthly before the All-Day. Is anyone (particularly new singers) interested in a lesson or discussion session on convention etiquette?

Between these two events falls the always-delightful Maidencreek (Pennsylvania) singing on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend: September 1 this year.  Our All-Day is the Saturday before the third Sunday in September: September 15. It’ll be at First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn Heights, the same location as last year’s.