First observe of how many Notes compass the Tune is. Next, the place of your first Note; and how many Notes above & below that: so as you may begin the Tune of your first Note as the rest may be sung in the compass of your and the peoples voices, without Squeaking above, or Grumbling below.

Plan ahead.

August’s Brooklyn singing (Second Sunday, that’s August 12) will be followed by ice cream social unless weather prevents — that is, if my apartment is not TOO hot. Hot, okay, just not TOO hot. I’ll have some fairly basic flavors and many things to put under, in, and over them. Also wine, cider, beer, probably a specialty drink (there’s something with watermelon juice and elderflower liqueur that sounds intriguing) and Coke. Someone, please drink this Coke.

September’s BK singing (9/9) is the last monthly before the All-Day. Is anyone (particularly new singers) interested in a lesson or discussion session on convention etiquette?

Between these two events falls the always-delightful Maidencreek (Pennsylvania) singing on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend: September 1 this year.  Our All-Day is the Saturday before the third Sunday in September: September 15. It’ll be at First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn Heights, the same location as last year’s.


Third Sunday update

I forgot, so I’m reminding you as well as myself, that the timing of Third Sunday UES singing has been changed; we meet earlier, at 1:30.

As it happens, I’m going to sing in Lawrenceville, NJ, this Sunday.

October singing schedule 2015 UPDATED

October should be an as-scheduled month, with First, Second, and Third Sunday singings all in their usual places at the usual times, and Midweek singings planted at St John’s Lutheran every Wednesday night.  If there are any changes, they’ll be on our website and FB group and I’ll track them here.

Some of the NYC singers will be up in Providence this weekend for the New England Convention. Some of us have been discussing the New York State convention, third weekend, but “just outside Utica” is a long difficult way for carless city folks even though we hear the singing space is fantastic.  I’ll be going to the Sadsbury Cooper Book singing at the end of the month, but it looks like I’ll be in town till then. THIS SINGING HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

I’m going to ask our Secretary to send me the minutes of the New York All-Day and hope I can post them soon.

August 2015 scheduling (and into September), New York UPDATED

The First Sunday singing at Jimmy’s #43 may be HAS BEEN cancelled for want of participants. Second Sunday Brooklyn will happen on August 9, and I think the way is finally clear for ice cream social following the singing. On August 15, Saturday before Third Sunday, I’ll be at the Central NJ All-Day Singing. It should be a busy day: Denson book in the morning, Shenandoah Harmony in the afternoon, contradance, and social at Rachel and Dean’s.  Fourth weekend, who knows? But the Saturday before Labor Day, September 5, is for Maidencreek as usual.  And don’t forget NYCADS 2015, Saturday, September 15, at Middle Collegiate Church on Seventh Street and 2nd Avenue.2015 CNJ ADS flyer 2

Third Sunday singing translated to New Haven April 19, 2015

Since so many of the New York singers will be hopping trains, autos, and (for all I know) Vespas to New Haven for the third (I think) New Haven All Day Singing on Sunday, April 19, the Third Sunday Upper East Side singing will not be held.  The 7:04 from Grand Central arrives in New Haven at 9:07, providing time for a leisurely walk to campus, offers of assistance in setting up the room, and/or a fresh cup of coffee before the singing starts at 10:00. The party car has not yet been assigned.  If you prefer to sleep in another hour, the 8:04 train will still allow you to get to the singing by about the first break.

Solstice Day Singing on Governor’s Island for Make Music New York

Make Music New York sponsors free outdoor performances across the city on June 21 every year.  This year, American traditional musics will be featured in a “Porch Stomp” on Governors Island, and Sacred Harp will be there.  We’ll be singing twice, at 2 and at 3:30, according to Aldo (the info on the event website is a little different).  Singers, if you want to participate, check the Facebook event.  And in any case check the schedule for the day. Even if you don’t come to hear us or to sing, there’s likely to be something during the day that will charm you.

Garden State Convention Friday night & Saturday, May 16-17

In nearby Montclair, the Garden State Convention runs tonight (7-9:30) and tomorrow (10-3:30).  See it on Facebook.  Sing on Sunday in Princeton or on the Upper East Side.