First observe of how many Notes compass the Tune is. Next, the place of your first Note; and how many Notes above & below that: so as you may begin the Tune of your first Note as the rest may be sung in the compass of your and the peoples voices, without Squeaking above, or Grumbling below.


Blame Shakespeare, not politics. Second Sunday in Brooklyn is on, though, Nov. 13.


October 2016 singings in New York City

Late on this (as on much else). Second Sunday in BK as usual; Wednesday singing October 12 will have to move, location not yet discovered so watch your emails and the NYC singing FB page; Third Sunday at Epiphany as far as I know; Christian Harmony sendoff party on the 22nd courtesy Mary Ellen as regular Menno House meetings will be on hiatus for the holiday months of November and December and Keystone conflict in January. (But look out for a supplementary seven-shape house singing some time in those three months.) Out of town: New York State singing in Ithaca, Oct. 15-16; Sadsbury (PA) Cooper Book singing Saturday Oct. 22.

September 2016 NYC singings

Coming up this week, the Brooklyn singing (Sept. 11 at 2, St Paul’s Carroll Gardens) — bring your blue and tan books if you have them, as we sometimes are a loaner or two short. Help me carry the loaners back to my house afterwards and be rewarded by the sangria promised last month but deferred because of the heat (please, please let it be less hot this month!). Of course we need the loaners for —

THE NEW YORK CITY ALL-DAY SINGING on Saturday, September 17. 9:30 to 3:30 at Middle Collegiate Church on East Seventh Street (enter just off Second Avenue). See the NYC Sacred Harp website or the Facebook event for more details. New York singers, please plan to bring something tasty  for Dinner on the Grounds; see what others have planned here.

The monthly Third Sunday Manhattan singing returns from summer hiatus and will be hosted upstairs at the same location on Sunday, Sept. 18, at 2:00.

TODAY, JULY 10: July singing and ice cream social

igloo ice cream

if I lived in an igloo*, would that be cool enough for you, Jon?

I may have omitted mention of the actual singing. 2 to 5 pm at St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Clinton & Carroll Streets, Brooklyn. Beware, the southbound F train isn’t stopping at Carroll St., so go past and loop back, or take the 2, 3, or 4 to Borough Hall, or the A or C to Jay St. and walk (or catch the 57 bus along Court St, or the 61 to Columbia St and walk across the highway).

This weekend, in fact, July 10, 2016. I thought we’d have three suggested “sundaes” (of course, mix and match as you like):

AFFOGATO: Over ladyfingers, coffee or vanilla ice cream; coffee; crushed chocolate espresso beans; whipped cream; coffee liqueur

S’MORES: Over graham crackers, vanilla or chocolate ice cream; Marshmallow Fluff; chopped milk chocolate; chocolate sauce. Possibly actual marshmallows, but no open flames, sorry.

TROPICALIA: Over bananas, citrus or berry sorbet; chopped dried pineapple, dried coconut, mango; spiced rum.

Details are subject to change, as the shopping’s not done yet. Please feel free to invite non-singing friends with a fondness for frozen treats to meet us at my place after 5.

*Image from the Los Angeles Public Library: the Igloo Ice Cream Parlor, complete with iceberg and stranded ship; 4302 W. Pico St., 1927.

BK singing today, Sun. Mar. 13! Change your clocks!

See you at St Paul’s Carroll Gardens at 2:00 NEW TIME. We’ll stab the jello mold in the Senate afterwards.

February 2016 singings, rawther late


kinda creepy cupid

Okay, First Sunday’s come and gone; I got in about forty minutes after my chorus’ performance in Brooklyn. Second Sunday Brooklyn will be a Valentine’s Day Singing, so I figure an appropriate follow-on will be chocolate fondue and other sweets. Aldo said something a couple of weeks ago about Third Sundays moving to Middle Collegiate for a while, but I believe that’s planned for spring or summer, so expect the UES singing to go forward at Ch. of the Epiphany as usual on Feb. 21. Melissa will be organizing the Christian Harmony session on Saturday before Fourth Sunday, February 27, but I expect some of us (including me) will be at the Catskills All Day Singing in Phoenicia, New York. I had a chance to sing with Chair Julia Reichel at Keystone and was vividly impressed by her spirit and energy.

Meanwhile, mini singing schools continue on Wednesday nights. Feb. 10 will see a mini-All Day to explore convention etiquette and song choice. Should be fun (though will be fun sans moi as I’ll be at a concert).

Christian Harmony singing Sat. Jan 30

nypl.digitalcollections.a8fddf30-1388-728f-e040-e00a180664b1.001.wSeven-shape devotees, here’s the plan. We’ll start about 2:00 (leaving a little time to take off boots & get a cup of tea), take a brief break around 3:15, sing some more (this might be the time to get out the Daily Books that Sam is promising), have something more serious to eat about 4:30, and sing again till six or till we’ve had enough, whichever comes first. I have six CH loaners (all I felt I could carry from Menno House); bear that in mind when deciding whether to bring your own.

If you want to bring something to share, may I suggest dessert or drinks? I could probably use more beer, right? Kind of on general principles.

My address is 96 Sackett Street #2, which is between Columbia and Van Brunt Streets on the edge of Carroll Gardens. The closest subway is the F to Carroll Street; if you’re at the back of the train (coming from Manhattan or points north) you’ll get out at Smith & President. Turn left; it’s two blocks to Sackett; turn left again and walk west. Call or text if you have questions: 347 423 2701. See ya!