First observe of how many Notes compass the Tune is. Next, the place of your first Note; and how many Notes above & below that: so as you may begin the Tune of your first Note as the rest may be sung in the compass of your and the peoples voices, without Squeaking above, or Grumbling below.

Brooklyn singing checklist, updated Jan. 2020

Brooklyn Shapenote Singing checklist updated January 2020

For singing in St. Paul’s Carroll Street parish house (St. Anthony’s House)

Unlock the downstairs door by 2:00. Use the new key. Put a note on the bells: RING LIBRARY BELL FOR SACRED HARP (or similar); can also use new key on a string out the window.

Organize setup:
Move the table
Make the square
Find a folding chair or two (might need to look downstairs), and a fan if needed
Set out the books
Find, fill, and plug in the hot water kettle
Get the white box with tea equipment out
Put up a sign on the gate and/or the door (optional but nice; there’s tape in the box)

Open the singing:
Greet newcomers and note that the call goes around the room, bathroom downstairs
Ask for help in answering the bell/letting down the key to let in late arrivers
If needed, give a quick introductory lesson
— It’s advisable to wait till a few songs in
— Maybe offer the teaching opportunity to another singer

During the singing:

Pitch or recruit pitchers, or both – we often divide up the job by book
Keep track of time (break will fall about 3:30)
Call the break, ask for donations, and have announcements
Lead a callback or ask someone else to do so
Announce nearly closing, ask for cleanup help and pick a closer-picker

Oversee resetting the room:
Table back to the center
Unplug & empty the teakettle
Books and white box back on the shelves
Count the money: Anything to $40 and over $55 goes to the church via envelope under the office door downstairs; anything between $41 and $55, keep aside in the slush fund envelope (in the white box). Let me know what you collect.
Take out the trash; need to open the gate into the church sideyard (key marked G-D)
Take down the signs
Lights out

Make sure the last leaver checks that the entry door is shut. (It will lock automatically.)