First observe of how many Notes compass the Tune is. Next, the place of your first Note; and how many Notes above & below that: so as you may begin the Tune of your first Note as the rest may be sung in the compass of your and the peoples voices, without Squeaking above, or Grumbling below.

October 2016 singings in New York City

Late on this (as on much else). Second Sunday in BK as usual; Wednesday singing October 12 will have to move, location not yet discovered so watch your emails and the NYC singing FB page; Third Sunday at Epiphany as far as I know; Christian Harmony sendoff party on the 22nd courtesy Mary Ellen as regular Menno House meetings will be on hiatus for the holiday months of November and December and Keystone conflict in January. (But look out for a supplementary seven-shape house singing some time in those three months.) Out of town: New York State singing in Ithaca, Oct. 15-16; Sadsbury (PA) Cooper Book singing Saturday Oct. 22.


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