First observe of how many Notes compass the Tune is. Next, the place of your first Note; and how many Notes above & below that: so as you may begin the Tune of your first Note as the rest may be sung in the compass of your and the peoples voices, without Squeaking above, or Grumbling below.

February 2016 singings, rawther late


kinda creepy cupid

Okay, First Sunday’s come and gone; I got in about forty minutes after my chorus’ performance in Brooklyn. Second Sunday Brooklyn will be a Valentine’s Day Singing, so I figure an appropriate follow-on will be chocolate fondue and other sweets. Aldo said something a couple of weeks ago about Third Sundays moving to Middle Collegiate for a while, but I believe that’s planned for spring or summer, so expect the UES singing to go forward at Ch. of the Epiphany as usual on Feb. 21. Melissa will be organizing the Christian Harmony session on Saturday before Fourth Sunday, February 27, but I expect some of us (including me) will be at the Catskills All Day Singing in Phoenicia, New York. I had a chance to sing with Chair Julia Reichel at Keystone and was vividly impressed by her spirit and energy.

Meanwhile, mini singing schools continue on Wednesday nights. Feb. 10 will see a mini-All Day to explore convention etiquette and song choice. Should be fun (though will be fun sans moi as I’ll be at a concert).


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